Mothers’ Union

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Mothers’ Union Department


MOTTO: Philippians  4:13.

The mothers are known to be the backbones on this earth. With over 80 registered members in the church,  We as mothers have many roles in the church and we embrace each and every role with both hands its to why we give our best to shape and generations as one part role of mothers. Each year , the Diocese dedicates one day of the month as our mothers Sunday and as our culture we take that day to raise funds to boast our projects not only in the diocese but also in the church. We have a feeding program at Kianjogu children’s  (Ndenderu) home where the mothers union are the care takers of this children’s .  We make sure the kids are fed so as we may raise a generation to be proud of despite of their current situations. We hold weekly prayers because we believe we the mothers have a huge responsibility to stand in the gap. In Aug , the week before our mothers union Sunday, We hold a talent week where we dedicate ourselves in the services for others, and in that week  we visit the vicar, We pay a visit to those who are less privileged in our society, Visit the sick in the hospitals and we sum it up with our the  mothers union  Sunday.